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We take care of your project from the theoretical formulation of the capsules          

to the achievement of the boxes filled with blisters or pilljars.




Our capsules

Our capsules colors 

Quality and certifications

Quality is our first priority and is the primary key of our success.

Our capsules are in compliance with the most stringent HACCP.
All our capsules are delivered with a complete technical file providing our customers with total traceability of the capsules either in bulk or full service;

Our site is also certified ISO 22000 for our capsules in bulk and for achieving your full service orders;

We have the ECOCERT certification for our Biocapsule® obtained according to organic production method. License commitment to respect the organic production method.




 Our technologies


The Rotary die machines manufacture soft capsules using the method "form-fill-seal". The capsules produced are composed of a single body, hermetically sealed, available in all shapes and colors, filled with all types of contents, and the filling weight varies between 100 to 1500 mg. Soft capsules certified 100% bio-organic are part of our latest innovations.


Globex encapsulation machines produce soft gelatin beads, spherical and seamless through the natural process of droplet formation and allow an excellent clarity of the membrane. Globex soft capsules can be filled with most vegetable oils, essential oils and fish oils, with a filling weight of 100 to 300 mg.