Our quality and high performant production are based on our innovative solutions, know-how and high-tech machines. Our softgels are produced by two different methods ;




  •  Rotary Die

  •  Globex



  • Rotary Die : form-fill-seal soft gels



The Rotary die machines manufacture soft capsules using the « form-fill-seal » method. The capsules, produced by this method, are composed of a single body, hermetically sealed, available in all shapes and colors, filled with all types of contents, and the filling weight varies between 100 to 1200 mg. Soft capsules with a 100% bio-organic certificat are part of our latest innovations.






  • Globex : Seamless round pearls





Globex encapsulation machines produce round, seamless softgel pearls by using the natural drop formation process and this process creates an excellent shell clarity. The Globex softgels can be filled with most vegetable oils, essential oils and fish oils with a fill weight range from 100 to 300 mg.