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Capsules complying with the european claims, fish gelatin


Certificated Organic capsules

(both shell and content), Oil + Porcine gelatin


Standard soft gels, bovine gelatin

  • SGC1P : Cardiovascular 507,5mg

  • SGC2P : Vision 530mg

  • SGC1B : Biocapsule Evening Primrose  500mg + Vit E 7,5mg

  • SGC2B : Biocapsule Borage 500mg + Vit E 7,5mg

  • SGC3B : Biocapsule Evening Primrose 250mg + Biocapsule Borage 250mg + Vit E 7,5mg

  • SGC4B : Biocapsule Pumpkin Seed 500mg

  • SGC5B : Biocapsule Linseed 270mg

  • SGC7B : Biocapsule Blackcumin 500mg + Vit E 7,5mg

  • SGC1 : Evening Primrose 500mg + Vit E 7,5mg

  • SGC2 : Borage 500mg + Vit E 7,5mg

  • SGC3 : Evening Primrose 250mg + Borage 250mg + Vit E 7,5mg

  • SGC4 : Pumpkin Seed 500mg

  • SGC9 : Vitamin D3 5µ (Globex)

  • SGC10 : Black Cumin 500 mg+ Vit. E 7,5mg

All in-stock soft-gel capsules are subject to a microbiological analysis (According to the 4b criteria of the European Pharmacopoeia) and they are available immediately. Expedition in 72h.

A releasing folder to the market is provided (under the condition)

* The expedition time can be extended to 4 weeks for any in-stock product order more than 200 000 capsules.