A Monodose solution for your essential oils

We encapsulate your essential oils according to your wishes !

Aromatherapy ;

Essential oils are part of our daily life. Sales of essential oils are increasing globally and we find them more and more in cosmetics, in food products and also in food supplements.

Why essential oils?
Through the years, we started to pay more attention to our well-being and to use organic and natural products. Also, drug prices and side effects resulted in searching alternative solutions such as essential oils.
Their efficiency is proven and the field of use is large ; antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, appeasing, stimulant etc.

Beyond all that, essential oils are powerful and efficient but it could also be dangerous in case of overdose.

That’s why SPLP propose an effective solution : we encapsulate your essential oils in soft gels so that you can have the perfect dosage for your clients.
We will support you during the formulation and for the ingredient choosing to help you to develop a safe and efficient product.

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